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Different decoration styles of modern shower room

The shower room is divided into sliding door shower room and flat door shower room. According to the actual situation of different apartment types and hobbies, the effect will be better. So what are the advantages of both?

1. Sliding doors are divided into hanging rails and floor rails. Therefore, if you choose a hanging rail, you must carefully consider the load-bearing capacity of the hanging rail. Since the load-bearing requirement of the hanging rail is much higher than that of the ground rail, it is necessary to carefully check the hardware accessories. Generally speaking, the shower room chooses to install floor rails, but the floor rails are installed on the ground and will be hindered during cleaning. Therefore, the ordinary sliding door shower room chooses the hanging rail, which is convenient and practical to install.

2. In terms of space, if it is a bathroom with a larger area, it is recommended to use a swing door; for a bathroom with a smaller area, a sliding door is a good choice. The swing door is not affected in the large area of the bathroom. First of all, there is no need to worry about lack of space, the load-bearing capacity of the hanging rail, and the possibility of tripping while walking. Compared with the sliding door shower room, the swing door shower room is an ideal choice for users with ample space.

3. When conditions permit, it is best to choose a swing door. The most important reason is that families with the elderly and children are easy to travel. In addition to considering practicality, safety is also essential. It is recommended that children and the elderly with family members use a swing door shower room. From a different point of view, it is indeed not as beautiful as a sliding door shower room, but it is more practical than a sliding door shower room.